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A Season of Reckoning

Author: Jack Jenkins
The drug cartel had taken over the town of Santa Rosa on the Rio Grande in Texas. That is until Sam DeLeon came to town. DeLeon retired from a large police department in Texas and after he fell in love with a woman from Santa Rosa, he and his friends fought back. A light plane, with two million dollars worth of cocaine, landed on a narrow strip of land about 18 miles north of Santa Rosa. As the drivers of two vans went to meet the plane and the pilot disembarked, shots were fired and the three were dead. Men in black rushed the plane, unloaded the cocaine and flew the plane into Texas. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? What else is on that plane?
Publishing Date:April 6, 2011

Black Marble, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Sgt. A.A. Valnikov, LAPD is living with many demons. Formerly working homicide and now working burglaries, Valnikov is given a partner, Det. Natalie Zimmerman, who soon decides that Valnikov is not only a drunk, but is crazy. She tries to get him fired, but their boss, who has his own problems, puts her off. As Valnikov introduces her to his Russian heritage, music, food etc., she learns more about the "other side" of her partner. In the meantime, Philo Skinner, a dog handler, who trains, boards and shows dogs for wealthy clients, is being pressured by his wife, his clients and a loan shark, who is threatening bodily harm. Philo concocts a scheme to "dognap" a precious showdog and extort $85,000 to pay off the shark and live a life of leisure in Mexico. Valnikov and Zimmerman stumble onto the case which leads to a showdown with Skinner and a change in the two detectives relationship.
Publishing Date:December 21, 1998

Blood Money

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
Mandy Connor has one thing in mind when she gets out of prison after serving three years. Get her mother's murderer. Her drug conviction was cut short by turning states evidence and testifying against a drug dealer. Two problems - the dealer vowed to kill her and her mother's killer could kill again.
Publishing Date:April 23, 2002

Blue Knight, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
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Publishing Date:April 1, 2008

Caul, Part I, Born With a Mission

Author: James Allan Matte
James Markham was born with a caul, a thin membrane the covers and protects his entire body. Legend has it that those born with a caul are marked for greatness and have the power to see into the future and change it for the better. This book follows the adventures of young Markham, as he protects and defends the powerless and downtrodden. His experiences in the Air Force in Korea, England and France follow the real life experiences of the James Allen Matte, the author, who prepares us for book 2 and 3 of this trilogy.
Publishing Date:December 10, 2007

Caul, Part II, Truth and Deception

Author: James Allan Matte
In this book, author James Allen Matte's second in his trilogy re the Caul of Destiny, our hero, James Markham, becomes an investigator for the military and travels all over the world solving crimes and investigating spies. Markham becomes a polygraph examiner and uses this new scientific tool to ferret out the truth and seek justice.
Publishing Date:December 10, 2007

Caul, Part III, Good vs. Evil

Author: James Allan Matte
This is the author's third book of his trilogy re the "Caul of Destiny." Our hero, James Markham, is now retired from government service and, after his wife dies, he travels the world in his sailboat, "The Caul." Even now, though, he's faced with crises and challenges, the most daunting of which is a US Senator who wants to be president and who may be the anti-Christ. Can Markham's deep religious beliefs meet the challenge? Is Markham the "Truthseeker" mentioned in the bible?
Publishing Date:December 10, 2007

Choirboys, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
"Spermwhale" Whalen, "Whatayamean" Dean and "Roscoe" Rules are three of the characters, or "choirboys", that meet at MacArthur Park weekly for "choir practice", all police officers from the Wilshire District of the LA Police Department. The cops at these gatherings, all off duty, let their hair down and binge on alcohol, sex and sometimes drugs. All is well until an accidental shooting takes place and an innocent bystander is killed. Coverup and an internal investigation ensues.
Publishing Date:August 28, 2007

Delta Star, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Homicide Detective Mario Villalobos, LA Police Department, Rampart Station, had things to worry about: why was a streetwalker pushed from the roof of a hotel; how come her "trick book" has the telephone number of Caltech, an institution of scientific learning; how did the "Bad Czech", the meanest, maddest cop in the Division, end up with a dead man's credit card? Joseph Wambaugh, former LA Police Detective, is back again with his cops-gone-crazy brand of humor and cast of wild, wonderful characters. The Delta Star follows in the gripping tradition of his previous best sellers, but this time with a scientific twist.
Publishing Date:December 1, 1983

Diamonds and Deceit: The Search for the Missing

Author: Gene Coyle
The author was a 30 year employee of the CIA specializing in Russian and East European affairs. In this novel, Karl Beck is a former KGB officer who defected to the US and is now teaching at Indiana Univ. He joins forces with an attractive History Dept. Professor and they find themselves in Russia looking for a cache of diamonds belonging to the Romanov Dynasty. In Russia, however, they must also deal with the Russian Mafia, not to mention the Russian government who would like to see Beck dead.
Publishing Date:March 28, 2011

Divine Executioner - The Caul, Part IV

Author: James Allan Matte
James Markham, the protagonist, manages to survive the many threats to his life and overcomes the multiple challenges thrust upon him in The Caul trilogy, with the expectation of a long sojourn. However, his respite is short-lived when the forces of evil cross his path and providence calls on him again to administer justice in a most forceful way that takes him to distant lands to prevent a nuclear catastrophy and, in the bargain, he loses the love of his life.
Publishing Date:April 15, 2010

Dream Merchant of Lisbon: The Game of Espionage..

Author: Gene Coyle
Author is a 30 year veteran of the CIA specializing in Russian and East European affairs. In this novel, Shawn Reilly is a CIA officer in the twilight of his career in Lisbon, Portugal. There, he comes face to face with Boris, the head of Russian Intelligence, who is targeting Shawn for recruitment. Boris' attractive daughter comes on the scene and Shawn has to decide what's more important, his love of country or love of a woman.
Publishing Date:Nov. 10, 2004


Author: Mike Worley
A young woman is reported missing. Her car has been abandoned on a major highway and the interior is in disarray. However, there is no evidence that a crime has been committed and adults are free to "disappear" if they choose. Still, Detective Angela Masters believes the woman may have been kidnapped. There is no ransom demand but also no indication that the woman may be living somewhere else. Detective Masters must determine if a crime has even occurred and try to locate the missing woman. If there's a crime, can she make a case that will hold up in court? Entitlement is filled with twists, dead ends and clashing egos that will keep the reader engrossed as the case ends.
Publishing Date:2013-06-03

FBI Code Name: Cultured Pearl, Smuggled Terror

Author: Jim Healy
Amerasian beauty, Anna Chen, holds the key to deciphering the diary of a disgraced US Senator involved in international smuggling of precious gems and nuclear devices. Targeted for assassination by White House and Justice Department conspirators, Anna is defended by quixotic FBI Special Agent Del Dickerson, noted for inexplicable good luck until he is shot. Danger, adventure, intrigue and romance enrich this fast paced story of greed, betrayal and redemption. Cultured Pearl has it all!
Publishing Date:2016-04-06

Finnegan's Week

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Finbar Finnegan, a San Diego detective, thrice married and divorced, teams up with a female DA investigator and a Naval Command investigator to find some toxic waste. Funny and suspensful.
Publishing Date:August 1, 1995


Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Mike Fortney and his partner, Leeds, are water cops manning a patrol boat in San Diego's Mission Bay. A typically rough day includes scoping out beauties on pleasure craft, rescuing boating bozos who've run aground and hauling in the occasional floater who comes to the surface. But now the America's Cup International Sailing Regatta is in town along with yacht crazies, tourists, racing spies, scam artists and hookers. Blaze, a fiery redhead, shows up drinking with the racing crews, but Fortney and Leeds, with their cop instincts, suspect that something is not right. Blaze leads the detectives along a bizarre criminal trail that ends with a pair of murders on the eve of the biggest sailing race of all.
Publishing Date:March 3, 1997

Fugitive Nights

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
The fugitive is a strange man. He speaks with an accent, is bald and carries a flight bag. His private plane makes an unscheduled landing at a small desert airport and, after a violent encounter with a police officer, he demonstrates that he is a man of the desert, wise in the ways of survival. There are three mismatched people after him. Brenda Burrows is a former cop trying to make a living in Palm Springs as a Private Investigator; Lynn Cutter, a former cop sweating out a disability pension; and Nelson Hareem, known as "Dirty Hareem", an LA Police Officer dreaming about a plush job with the Palm Springs Department. The trail of the fugitive leads the three from desert canyons to the boulevards of Palm Springs, from funeral parlors to swank hotels to celebrity golf tournaments. Joseph Wambaugh, former LA Police Detective, has his master storytelling talents on display.
Publishing Date:December 1, 1992


Author: Mike Worley
A young couple have what appears to be a comfortable life until one day, when the husband returns from work, he finds his wife brutally murdered. There's no sign of a break-in and the husband assures the police that his wife was extremely security conscious and would not open her door to someone she didn't know. Investigation regarding an unknown man in the area dries up. A year later, another woman is attacked and Detective Angela Masters re-examines old theories. The pressure is on to locate the killer before he strikes again.
Publishing Date:2013-10-31

Glitter Dome, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
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Publishing Date:May 1, 1982

Golden Orange, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Winnie Farlowe, an ex-cop and alcoholic, skips an AA meeting to drink with his buddies in a local bar. He meets Tess Binder, who wines and dines Winnie and beds him down. Winnie can't believe his luck and can't even imagine the scam that Tess has planned for him.
Publishing Date:May 1, 1991

Grand Jete

Author: Mike Worley
The American wife of a Russian ballet master in the United States is found murdered on the property of one of the city's wealthiest citizens. Was she killed because of the dashed hopes of the Russian, by the wealthy homeowners for some unknown reason, by his Russian ex-wife, by Soviet intelligence agents, or by a random killer? Will Detective Angela Masters be able to bring the killer to justice amid the intrigue of international relations during the decline of the Soviet Union?
Publishing Date:2013-02-28

Hollywood Crows

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
Detectives Nate Weiss, known as Hollywood Nate for his acting ambitions, and Bix Ramstead are assigned to the Hollywood Station CROWS unit, a community relations unit. They come in contact with, and are enamored by, the beautiful Margot Aziz, soon to be ex-wife of Ali Aziz, the proprietor of a Sunset Blvd. strip club. Ali, who has his fingers in multiple shady businesses, wants his wife dead. Margot has plans for Nate and Bix, using them in a scheme to get out of her marriage and commit the perfect murder.
Publishing Date:March 25, 2008

Hollywood Station

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
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Publishing Date:November 28, 2006

Killer in Pair-a-Dice

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
The newspapers dubbed him the Phantom, a serial rapist-murderer who found his victims in the Las Vegas valley, even in areas teeming with people. He was smart, left little clues and was a challenge for law enforcement.
Publishing Date:May, 2001

May God Have Mercy on Your Soul

Author: Jack Jenkins
Jim Renfro was grief-stricken when he found out that his wife was murdered by a carjacker at a convenient store in Houston, TX. The killer was apprehended a few blocks away, eventually tried, convicted and sentenced to Death Row. Renfro wasn't satisfied. He wanted justice. He met Celia Gomez at a Victim's Support Group. Her spouse was also killed with his killer also on Death Row. It took 4 years for Jim and Celia, after changing their identities, to get a job with the Texas Dept. of Institutions and work their way onto the night shift on Death Row. Revenge is what they wanted and thereafter, escape to Mexico. Matt Wakesfield, a young Houston PD Detective, befriended Jim when his wife was murdered. He kept Renfro apprised of the progress of the prosecution. He now realizes the plot and vows not to let them get away.
Publishing Date:September 27,2011

Morgue, The

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
A NY State Dept. of Health investigator looks into allegations that a medical examiner is not properly disposing of bodies that should have been buried or cremated and is taking human tissue for research without proper consent. Based on an actual case.
Publishing Date:December 19, 1996

New Centurions, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
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Publishing Date:April 1, 2008

No Game for Amateurs: The Search for a Japanese

Author: Gene Coyle
As World War II rages in Europe, the Japanese Diplomatic Code is broken and the existence of a mole is determined in US Intelligence in New York City. President Roosevelt assigns his personal friend, Vincent Astor, and his assistant, Charles Worthington, to ferret out the traitor. As December 7th approaches, Worthington's life gets complicated as he encounters a female Russian spy and an Italian mobster.
Publishing Date:March 21, 2009

One Armed Bandit

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
The police dubbed him the "One Armed Bandit", responsible for four murders during the robbery of a Las Vegas convenience store. But was it really a robbery? Or was the robbery a cover-up for the targeted killing of one of the four?
Publishing Date:January, 2003


Author: Dennis N. Griffin
Ted Bronson, a private investigastor and Viet Nam combat veteran shows up at a friend's office only to find him murdered and the subject of a police investigation. He intended to talk to his friend, a financial expert, about allegations of corruption in the California public employees pension fund.
Publishing Date:August 16, 2004

Quest for the Holy Shroud

Author: James Allan Matte
The theft of the Holy Shroud considered the Holy Grail of Christianity summons James Markham, the Biblical Truth-Seeker and Divine Executioner for its recovery which takes him to five countries and three continents, resulting in the recovery of the miraculous Holy Shroud, but at the expense of a courageous disciple, whose life was surrendered to liberate it.
Publishing Date:July 13, 2010

Red Gold

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
In order to continue a multi-million dollar Medicare fraud, Anthony Lucchesi's medical laboratories need blood. His donors are drug addicts and the homeless, but when one of them is murdered, Lucchesi is the suspect and he must eliminate the witnesses. Based on an actual case.
Publishing Date:July 20, 2000


Author: Mike Worley
Butch Agenbroad made his living finding lonely and wealthy single women and charming them until they married him. Then the charm helped him get control of their finances after which he would disappear, often leaving the woman penniless. Sharon was different, with as much charm and spirit as Butch possessed, but before he could raid her finances, she divorced him, but not before she became pregnant with his daughter. Having a mere woman divorce him was more than he could stand. He returned years later to murder Sharon and, in an ill-conceived act, kidnapped two of her children. Would Detective Angela Masters' relentless pursuit bring Agenbroad to justice? More importantly, will Masters be able to save the lives of the two innocent girls?
Publishing Date:2012-09-06

Return Fire

Author: Barry Ozeroff
A swat team sniper is himself being hunted by "The Shadow", a man who has the money and the will to do him in.
Publishing Date:January 16,2010

Secrets of Harry Bright

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
LA Detective Sidney Blackpool investigates the murder of Jack Watson, found in a California desert in an incinerated Rolls Royce with a bullet in his head. Blackpool, fighting the memory of his own son's death, uncovers secrets that may bring down an entire police department, secrets that should probably stay buried in the desert
Publishing Date:September 1, 1986

Sixth Session, The

Author: Joe Hefferon
Newspaperman Carter Jackson discovers the partial remains of a murdered infant. Against the advice of his brother, a NYC cop, and his deceased wife, with whom he communicates through love letters at her grave and haunting face to face meetings, he embroiles himself in the investigation. More children and their mothers are dying mysteriously. He's told that an ancient prophecy is driving the events.
Publishing Date:June 29, 2009

Vegas Vixen

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
On Christmas Eve, 2002 Christina Patterson, one of Las Vegas' top madams, was killed in her home. To solve the case, the police must unravel her daily life, her contacts, her employees and her customers. What they find is surprising.
Publishing Date:October 6, 2008
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