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A Painted House

Author: John Grisham
A story set in rural Arkansas in 1952 as told by Luke, a 7 year old narrator. A group of Mexicans and "hill people" have been hired to pick 80 acres of cotton. Luke's father and grandfather try to keep things calm while getting their cotton picked, but tensions develop and Luke witnesses a brutal murder.
Publishing Date:February 3, 2004

A Time to Kill

Author: John Grisham
The relationship between blacks and whites is tested in the southern town of Clanton, Mississippi. Carl Lee, a black man, has killed two white men after they raped and tortured his daughter. Jake Brigance, a local attorney, fights for his client while the KKK and NAACP get involved.
Publishing Date:March 15, 2004

Absolute Power

Author: David Baldacci
An old professional burglar, looking for one last job, enters a Virginia mansion and finds himself in a closet with a one-way mirror watching the President of the United States beat up the wife of his billionaire host for resisting his sexual advances. The Secret Service, in order to "protect" the Office of the Presidency, kills the woman, then discovers that there was a witness to the crime. Luther Whitney is now running for his life and he asks for help from Jack Graham, an up and coming DC attorney, and the former fiance of Whitney's daughter.
Publishing Date:November 1, 1996

Advice and Consent

Author: J. R. Reardon
When those we trust betray us, where do we turn? As the President of the US searches for a nominee for a crucial swing vote on a divided Supreme Court, a wave of terrorist attacks sweep the country targeting Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress. Meanwhile, Federal Judge Rebecca Tamron tries to protect Angelica Hernandez, an innocent young girl whose life is in danger because of what she knows. How can she protect Angelica? How can she protect the lives of the country's highest officials, when her own family is in danger?
Publishing Date:June 27, 2012

Appeal, The

Author: John Grisham
A large chemical company has been convicted of dumping toxic waste into a small town's water supply. They appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Can the owner of this company "buy" his own Supreme Court Justice?
Publishing Date:January 29, 2008

Associate, The

Author: John Grisham
Another Grisham legal thriller. Kyle McAvoy is a small town lawyer with excellent credentials. But, he has a secret, something that happened in college. When someone finds out about his past, he is forced to accept a job with a large NYC law firm - but not to practice law, but to engage in illegal activities which could put him in jail, if not get him killed.
Publishing Date:January 27, 2009


Author: John Grisham
Neely Crenshaw, a former NFL Pro, returns to Messina to await the death of his high school coach, Eddie Rake, and to re-kindle an old love.
Publishing Date:

Brethren, The

Author: John Grisham
Three crooked judges run a blackmail scheme from prison targeting wealthy gay men. They inadvertantly snair Anthony Lake, a Presidential candidate, who is being groomed and programmed by the CIA.
Publishing Date:December 26, 2000

Broker, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:September 26, 2006

Burden of Proof

Author: Scott Turow
Sandy Stern, a noted criminal defense attorney, struggles with his wife's suicide, then has to deal with family secrets and hidden crimes while defending his brother-in-law in a federal investigation.
Publishing Date:December 1, 2000


Author: Ron Sharrow
C. Bruce West is a singe, young, successful Baltimore attorney. The mother of a drug dealer is arrested for possession of illegal drugs her son hid under her bed. Bruce defends her although her claim that she didn't know they were there does not sound plausible. He concocts an imaginative defense moments before his closing argument.
Publishing Date:January 19, 2010

Camel Club, The

Author: David Baldacci
The Camel Club, four Washington, DC outcasts, meet weekly to discuss real and imagined conspiracies. They witness the murder of a Secret Service employee and find themselves in the middle of a plot to kidnap the President and drop a nuclear bomb on Damascus.
Publishing Date:September 1, 2006

Capital Kill

Author: Marc Rainer
A few short blocks from the safety of the museums and monuments on the National Mall, a ruthless killer prowls the streets of Washington, DC. Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask joins a team of FBI Agents and police detectives as they try to solve the series of brutal murders. As the body count rises, the investigation leads to a chilling confrontation with the leader of an international drug smuggling ring, and no one is safe, not even the police.
Publishing Date:March 31, 2012

Chamber, The

Author: John Grisham
A young Chicago attorney, fresh out of law school and hired by a high-powered law firm, finds out that his grandfather, a card-carrying member of the KKK, is on death row for murder. Disregarding his own career, he rushes to his grandfather's assistance and finds out more about his family than he wanted to know.
Publishing Date:December 27, 2005

Christmas Train

Author: David Baldacci
Tom Langdon, a journalist, is banned from flying because of an airport security incident, so he takes a train from DC to Los Angeles to meet his girlfriend for Christmas. On board, he meets up with memorable and unusual travelers and train personnel including an old girlfriend, the real love of his life. A series of incidents, including a theft of valuables, a blizzard and an avalanche, test the passengers resolve, but the Christmas spirit prevails.
Publishing Date:November 1, 2004

Client, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:February 1, 1994

Collectors, The

Author: David Baldacci
The Camel Club, four aging crimesolvers, meet weekly in Washington, DC, to investigate conspiracies, real and imagined. Their story, two murders, a renegade CIA Agent and a sexy con-woman all intertwine in this political thriller.
Publishing Date:October 18, 2006

Confidential Communications

Author: J. R. Reardon
A young Vermont attorney, hired to investigate a suspicious employee, finds herself and an old colleague who she asks to help, in the middle of an international conspiracy with murder thrown in. Join Rebecca Lawson and Joshua Tameron as they search for the truth and put their own lives at risk.
Publishing Date:June 16, 2008


Author: Ron Sharrow
C. Bruce West is a single, young and successful Baltimore attorney. He represents a middle-aged couple who's accused by the feds of conspiring with a government official to operate a fraudulent marriage ring. While having a steamy affair with his client's daughter, his courtroom strategy is very risky and could result in a long prison term for his clients.
Publishing Date:April 17, 2008


Author: J. R. Reardon
Federal Court Judge Rebecca Tameron seemed to have it all...a loving family, a prestigious career and the respect of her community - that is until her world is ripped apart. Implicated in the disappearance of a Supreme Court Justice and the shooting of a Federal agent, Tameron scrambles to uncover the truth. The problem is, with each step she takes in pursuit of the truth, she encounters more questions and every investigative avenue leads back to her. How can she clear her name?
Publishing Date:January 15, 2010

Divine Justice

Author: David Baldacci
John Carr, a former government assassin, is on the run. His former employer is trying to kill him to keep him quiet; they've already killed his wife and child in a botched attempt. In retribution, he's killed two government officials and now, to protect his friends in the "Camel Club", he's left his Washington base and finds himself in Devine, VA. As his friends attempt to find him and help, they find that they're competing with a top CIA "tracker." In the meantime, Carr uncovers an international drug ring, based in the local penitentiary and ties them in to a couple of local murders. Who will get to Carr first, the CIA? His friends? Or the drug dealers?
Publishing Date:November 14, 2008

Docket No. 76

Author: Arita Bohannan
Have you ever come face-to-face with the person who hurt you most in your life? That's exactly what happens to Sandra Morgan, a young and beautiful Assistant District Attorney. She comes face-to-face with a man who abused her when she was a child when he is on trial in the New Orleans Criminal Court - and Morgan is the Prosecutor. A shocking courtroom decision consumes her as she battles with her inner demons in an effort to seek the revenge to which she feels entitled. But after the trial of her life, is there really a winner?
Publishing Date:2014-01-17

Firm, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:January 4, 1992

First Family

Author: David Baldacci
Shaun King and Michelle Maxwell are former Secret Service Agents, now PI's in Washington, DC. King is personally known to the First Lady and when her 12 yr. old niece is kidnapped from Camp David, she asks King and Maxwell to investigate. While the FBI reluctantly agrees, the investigation takes King to rural Alabama where he matches wits with Sam Quarry, a technologically gifted, but very disturbed man, who has a score to settle with the President of the United States.
Publishing Date:April 21, 2009

Hour Game

Author: David Baldacci
This is Baldacci's second novel featuring Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, former Secret Service Agents who are now Private Investigators. They are hired to investigate a burglary at a southern mansion, but find themselves involved in a serial murder mystery. Each killing copies an infamous past crime. The ending will surprise.
Publishing Date:September 1, 2005

King of Torts, The

Author: John Grisham
Clay Carter is a Public Defender who is lured by a mysterious stranger to the Class Action lawsuits. After earning millions is a short period of time, he is called the "King of Torts" by the press and his lifestyle shows it. After overextending himself, his continued livelyhood depends on one product liability suit at a time when his mysterious friend disappears.
Publishing Date:December 27, 2005

Last Juror, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:April 25, 2006

Last Man Standing

Author: David Baldacci
Web London is doing what he does best. As a member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team, he's participating in a drug raid. Unaccountably, he freezes and the 6 remaining team members are slaughtered in an ambush. As the sole survivor, he's under suspicion and receives psychiatric help. Although suspended, he initiates his own investigation which takes him to climactic events at a Virginia horsefarm.
Publishing Date:August 26, 2002

Laws of Our Fathers, The

Author: Scott Turow
June Eddgar, an urban activist, was driving her ex-husband's car in a housing project when she was killed in a drive-by shooting. Her son, Nile Eddgar, a probation officer, is accused of having one of his parolee's, Ordel Trent. aka "Hardcore" make the hit, intending it to be on his father, Senator Loyell Eddgar. Complicating the case is the fact that the judge, Sonia Klotsky, has a history with radicals in her college days, including the victim and the defense attorney.
Publishing Date:September 1, 1997


Author: Scott Turow
George Mason is troubled. As Kindle County Court of Appeals Judge, he has before him a horrific rape case which reminds him of a similar incident he was involved with during his college days. The fact that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer and he's been receiving threatening emails adds to his concerns.
Publishing Date:November 14, 2006

Mistaken Identity

Author: Ron Sharrow
C. Bruce West is a single, young and successful Baltimore attorney. He's hired by a prostitute to represent her son charged with armed robbery. Although his client has a long history of similar offenses and has been positively identified, Bruce believes that it's a case of mistaken identity. The client's mother wants Bruce to take his fee in trade while Bruce has an erotic adventure with the daughter of a federal judge.
Publishing Date:June 15, 2009

Ordinary Heroes

Author: Scott Turow
Stewart Dubinsky's father, David Dubin, was a corporate attorney who never talked about his World War II experiences. After his father's death, however, Dubinsky uncovers surprising information about his father's wartime experiences. David Dubin exhibited extreme bravery under fire, but was also court martialed for failing to obey orders. Most surprising of all, though, was what Dubinsky finds out about his mother and what she and his father went through during the war.
Publishing Date:October 27, 2005

Partner, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:April 26, 2005

Pelican Brief, The

Author: John Grisham
A law school student connects the dots between the murder of two Supreme Court Justices. After a car-bomb attempt on her life, she teams up with a reporter to unravel the scheme.
Publishing Date:February 1, 1993

Personal Injuries

Author: Scott Turow
Attorney Robbie Feavor wins cases in Kindle County by paying off judges. When IRS closes in on him, he agrees to cooperate with the FBI to avoid going to jail. Working with undercover FBI Agent Evon Miller posing as his paralegal and paramour, Feavor becomes the point man in a federal sting operation directed at the Kindle County Court system.
Publishing Date:September 28, 1999

Playing For Pizza

Author: John Grisham
The story of a back-up quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who ends up playing for an Italian football team, reverses their fortune and falls in love with Italy.
Publishing Date:September 24, 2007

Pleading Guilty

Author: Scott Turow
Mack Malloy is an ex-cop, a lawyer and an alcoholic approaching the end of his career at a prestigious law firm. When a partner disappears with millions from a client, Mack is given the assignment to find the partner and return the funds.
Publishing Date:June 1, 1994

Presumed Innocent

Author: Scott Turow
Rusty Sabich, a prosecutor in Kindle County is assigned the case of murder and rape of a female associate. The investigation takes a twist for the worst when it's determined that Sabich had an affair with the woman and is now accused of her murder.
Publishing Date:December 1, 2000

Rainmaker, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:March 1, 2007

Reversible Errors

Author: Scott Turow
Arthur Raven, a corporate attorney with his own personal problems (middle-aged, single and caring for a sick sister) is court-appointed to handle the appeal of a death-row inmate. Facing the prosecuting attorney and detective who put his client in jail and who are now lovers and seeking the assistance of the former presiding judge, who herself just got out of jail for accepting a bribe, Raven fights for his client. He finds that his client, convicted of murder, may be innocent and covering up for a relative.
Publishing Date:October 29, 2002

Runaway Jury, The

Author: John Grisham
A multi-million dollar lawsuit commences in a Mississippi courtroom against big tobacco. A consultant, a "jury fixer" is hired by the defendants, but a young man in the jury seems to be in control. But, whose side is he on?
Publishing Date:April 25, 2006

Saving Faith

Author: David Baldacci
A Washington lobbyist involved in blackmail and bribery, the CIA and FBI are all intertwined in this fast-moving novel. Faith Lockhart, the lobbyist's assistant uncovers the scheme and is running for her life.
Publishing Date:September 1, 2000

Simple Genius

Author: David Baldacci
Michelle Maxwell, PI and former Secret Service Agent, has a death wish and allows herself to be beaten unconscious at at bar. She commits herself to a mental hospital while her partner, Sean King, also former Secret Service, looks for a case to keep their agency alive. An old boss gives him a suspicious suicide at a "think tank" in rural Virginia to investigate. The "think tank" is located next to a supersecret CIA facility with unmarked planes flying in and out at night. A super computer, drug running and murders disguised as suicides are all uncovered by Maxwell and King in this fast moving thriller.
Publishing Date:April 24, 2007

Simple Truth, The

Author: David Baldacci
Michael Fiske, a brilliant and respected Supreme Court Clerk, removes an appeal from the Court's files and is murdered. His brother, John Fiske, an ex-cop turned defense attorney, tries to find out the murderer, but becomes the FBI's leading suspect. A conspiracy involving military officers, Supreme Court employees and a US Senator unfolds and leads, with the cooperation of a Supreme Court Justice, to a surprise ending.
Publishing Date:November 1, 1999

Sixth Man, The

Author: David Baldacci
Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, former Secret Service Agents, now private investigators, are enroute to a maximum security prison to work a case for Ted Bergin, an attorney and old friend. Bergin's client is Edgar Roy, an accused serial killer. When they find that Bergin's been murdered, they decide to continue the investigation anyway. But, the more they dig into Roy's past, the more they encounter obstacles, half-truths, dead ends, false friends and escalating threats from every direction. Their persistence pushes them to a terrifying confrontation which pushes them to their limits.
Publishing Date:April 19, 2011

Skipping Christmas

Author: John Grisham
Luther Krank and his wife, after sending their only daughter off on a Peace Corps mission, decide to "skip" Christmas. No presents, no tree, no decorations, no parties, spend the money on a Carribean Cruise. This decision, of course, upsets their neighbors and friends. Do they relent or do they take their cruise?
Publishing Date:October 12, 2004

Split Second

Author: David Baldacci
Sean King is a successful small town attorney. He tries to forget his past as a Secret Service Agent who let down his guard for a moment and had a Presidential candidate killed. He meets Michelle Maxwell, former Secret Service Agent who made a mistake that caused her candidate to be kidnapped. As they investigate any possible relationship between the two cases, several bodies show up at King's office and house. Are all these cases connected?
Publishing Date:September 1, 2004

Stone Cold

Author: David Baldacci
Annabelle Conroy is on the run after conning casino owner Jerry Bagger out of 40 million. Oliver Stone's Camel Club, Reuben, Milton and Caleb, try to protect her, but Stone has his own problems. Security expert Harry Finn has already killed three of Stone's former associates and has his sights on Stone. A surprising and shocking finale.
Publishing Date:November 6, 2007

Street Lawyer, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:April 26, 2005

Strictly Liable

Author: M. T. Kingsley
Follow the tumultuous and emotonal challenges of a widow and a mother of four. Julie Woodruff, who is set up for a crime, thrown into prison and survives an attempt on her life just because of her job as the public works director of the small southern California city of Playa Bonita. With the help of her children, she turns the incredible obstacles she faces into a positive result. Experience first hand why Congress needs to change the current environmental law that would allow innocent people to go to jail because they are ...Strictly Liable.
Publishing Date:February 20, 2010

Summons, The

Author: John Grisham
Two brothers return to small town, Mississippi, having been summoned by their ailing father. They arrive to find him dead and his one page will gives his assets to both brothers equally. One brother however, finds three million in cash hidden in the house and while he attempts to keep his find from his brother, an extortionist seems to know more than he about the cash.
Publishing Date:September 27, 2005

Sword of Justice, The

Author: Ron Sharrow
C. Bruce West, a single, young and successful Baltimore attorney, is retained by a client accused of rape. The client not only offers a preposterous alibi, but stiffs Bruce his fee. Unable to extricate himself from a protracted trial, Bruce seeks revenge by selecting a jury certain to convict his client. As the courtroom drama unfolds, his compulsion to win overcomes his desire for revenge. Steamy scenes....lots of laughs.
Publishing Date:April 7, 2006

Testament, The

Author: John Grisham
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Publishing Date:December 28, 1999

Total Control

Author: David Baldacci
Sydney Archer, a corporate attorney, believes her husband died in a plane crash. She soon finds out he is alive and involved in a theft of sensitive material from his employer. She partners with an FBI Agent to try to unravel the scheme, but finds herself the target of corporate assassins.
Publishing Date:December 1, 1997

Whole Truth, The

Author: David Baldacci
A global thriller with events that could change the world. The lives of Katie James, a journalist, Shaw, who represents a super intelligence agency, Nicolas Creel, the head of a large defense contractor, intertwine in a can't-put-down mystery.
Publishing Date:April 22, 2008

Winner, The

Author: David Baldacci
A truck-stop waitress becomes the winner of a fixed national lottery with two conditions - share the winnings with the fixer and change her identity and leave the country. LuAnn Tyler and her infant daughter, takes the money and runs, breaking her promise. Can she evade her executioner and become the real "Winner?"
Publishing Date:December 1, 1998

Wish You Well

Author: David Baldacci
The lives of 12 year old Lou and her 7 year old brother Oz change drastically when their father is killed in a car accident and their mother is left in a catatonic state. Lou, Oz and their mother are forced to move to their great grandmother's farm in rural SW Virginia. As they grow accustomed to early morning chores, homemade food and a one room schoolhouse, a corporation threatens their greatgrandmother's land, resulting in a climactic courtroom battle.
Publishing Date:April 3, 2007

With Malicious Intent

Author: M. T. Kingsley
Hardworking New Orleans environmental lawyer Rebecca Boudriaux's life just got substantially more complicated and dangerous because of her new case, filed on behalf of citizens living in the Cancer Alley area of Louisiana. As the trial starts, she is hampered by dying informants, terrorized clients and a hiding key witness. When Rebecca collapses in the courtroom, her boss, Joe Cairns, takes over and tries to determine whether her best friend and love interest, greedy recycling company directors or someone else is acting...With Malicious Intent.
Publishing Date:September 29, 2004
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