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Title: Into the Devil's Den: How an FBI Informant Got
Author: Dave Hall; Tym Burkey; Katherine Ramsland

ISBN: 0345496949
Published Date: April 15, 2008

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Dave Hall was a huge man, a former biker who was an expert in martial arts. He was also thoughtful and articulate and looking for new direction in his life. When FBI Special Agent Tym Burkey gave him this choice, jail for a minor drug violation, or infiltrate the Aryan Nation, a violent domestic terrorist group. Thus began a special relationship between a by-the-book FBI agent and a former biker. Hall worked his way into a position at the right of the charismatic leader of the Ohio Aryan Nation. But not without it's toll. The threat to Hall of discovery and possible death lead to insomnia, night terrors and panic attacks and eventual estrangement from his family. A true story of dedication and trust and a friendship that each would cherish in the years ahead.
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