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Title: May God Have Mercy on Your Soul
Author: Jack Jenkins

ISBN: 1456795325
Published Date: September 27,2011

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Jim Renfro was grief-stricken when he found out that his wife was murdered by a carjacker at a convenient store in Houston, TX. The killer was apprehended a few blocks away, eventually tried, convicted and sentenced to Death Row. Renfro wasn't satisfied. He wanted justice. He met Celia Gomez at a Victim's Support Group. Her spouse was also killed with his killer also on Death Row. It took 4 years for Jim and Celia, after changing their identities, to get a job with the Texas Dept. of Institutions and work their way onto the night shift on Death Row. Revenge is what they wanted and thereafter, escape to Mexico. Matt Wakesfield, a young Houston PD Detective, befriended Jim when his wife was murdered. He kept Renfro apprised of the progress of the prosecution. He now realizes the plot and vows not to let them get away.
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