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Title: Pizza Bomber; The Untold Story of America's Most..
Author: Gerald Clark; Ed Palattella

ISBN: 0425250555
Published Date: 2012-11-06

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In August, 2003, in an Erie, PA suburb, Brian Wells, a pizza deliveryman, had a bomb locked to his neck and was sent off to rob a bank. After taking the money, he was supposed to go on a scavenger hunt to find clues to disarm the bomb. The plot did not go according to plan. The police stopped Wells shortly after he left the bank and he never found the clues he needed to survive. The bomb went off while he sat in a police cruiser. The FBI made it a major case and the public knew it as the "pizza bomber case." The investigation and prosecution took 10 years. The author, the lead investigator in the case, relied on his training in forensic psychology to piece together what actually happened and to find an answer to the ultimate question, "Was Brian Wells a participant or a victim?"
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