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Title: Faith of Our Fathers
Author: Robert R. Glendon

ISBN: 1585001120
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Wall Street financier and friend of the President, Victor Lohr, is abducted in front of his Gramercy Park row house by terrorists demanding the release of political prisoners. Judson Munro, former FBI Agent and corporate crisis advisor, is hired by Lohr's company to negotiate his release. Unknown to the terrorists, the FBI or Munro, Victor Lohr is a covert illegal agent of the GRU, Russian Army Intelligence. The GRU frees Lohr through a brutal but clever ruse. Munro doubts Lohr's story of his escape and in pursuing the truth, uncovers his secret identity and mission for the GRU. In a tense confrontation with GRU officers, he faces the reality of his impending death.
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