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Title: From an Office Building with a High Powered Rifle
Author: Don Adams

ISBN: 1936296861
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The author, a former FBI Agent, writes of his journey over the past 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On November 13, 1963 Adams was given the assignment to investigate Joseph Milteer, a man who made threats against the President. Two weeks later, President Kennedy was dead. The author was asked to locate and interview Milteer, but to only ask 5 specific questions, then release him. He was puzzled by this request, but did as he was told. Years late, he read in a report that Milteer not only threatened the President, but stated that he would be killed from an office building with a high powered rifle. Since that time, the author has compiled evidence and research from every avenue available to him to produce a compelling investigation that may raise more questions than answers.
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