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Title: Rico: How Politicians, Prosecutors and the Mob....
Author: Joe Wolfinger, Chris Kerr, Jerry Seper

ISBN: 1938701658
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In 2003, Paul Rico, a retired FBI Agent, was arrested for the murder in 1981 of a Tulsa businessman, Roger Wheeler. Rico died a few months later before he could go to trial or even have a preliminary hearing. Authors Wolfinger and Kerr did not know Rico personally, but knew of his reputation as a great Agent and a good man. They conducted over 100 interviews of retired FBI Agents, current and former state and local police officers, deputies and prosecutors. With regard to the murder, they located evidence, examined court documents and conducted extensive interviews that refuted every allegation against Rico. The book clearly exposes as false the information widely and wrongly circulated about Rico and clearly shows that his alleged connection to the 1981 murder was the work of two desperate Boston mobsters. Jerry Seper is a veteran newsman who assisted in organizing and focusing the investigation.
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