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Title: Gator Bait
Author: Keith Slotter

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Young women are being murdered across south Florida at an alarming clip and an elite team of investigators is brought together to solve these baffling crimes. Det. Marty Tanner, considered brilliant by his peers, is nearing the end of his career in homicide. His partner, Det. Parker Reese is young, brash and cock-sure, at least on the surface. Enter Nancy Albright, a WQMT field reporter and Parker's former girl friend, who knows what buttons to push to get the story. The team relies heavily on an FBI Behavioral Scientist who steers them to one of several solutions, but nothing and no one is ever as it first seems. With the whole of south Florida in a state of panic and law enforcement's best and brightest struggling to find answers, Marty quietly builds a radical theory,unlike anything ever seen before....
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