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Title: Tattooed Man
Author: James L. Whitmer

ISBN: 1440118329
Published Date: 2009-02-10

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In Tattooed Man, retired FBI Agent James Stone uses his unique talents in criminal profiling and tattoo analysis to track down a serial murderer known as "Devil Man." Along the way, the true reason for the murders is uncovered and linked to a Georgian criminal enterprise operating from Tbilisi, Georgia, and which is involved in fomenting an international coup in the former USSR. Many colorful characters are encountered along the way, including a stark contrast between FBI Agents and Chicago Police Department (CPD) Detectives. James Whitmer, through his unique perspective of 26 years in federal law enforcement and numerous FBI undercover roles, brings out diverging and fascinating personality traits from all characters involved, including personalities from the FBI, ATF, CIA, CPD and even the Israel Mossad.
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