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Title: Hero Among Us: Memoirs of a FBI Witness Hunter
Author: Jim Ingram; James Dickerson

ISBN: 098994543X
Published Date: 2013-11-20

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FBI Special Agent Jim Ingram was a larger-than-life symbol of American justice, a Klan busting crime fighter, who was involved in some of the highest profile cases of the 1960s and 1970s. Ingram supervised the civil rights desk in Mississippi in the 60s during the Mississippi Burning years and was instrumental in breaking the back of the KKK. He later headed up the New York City and Chicago Divisions and rose to the position of Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Division of the FBI. He retired in 1982, but afterwards was asked by the FBI to work with them on cold-case civil rights murders in Mississippi. His efforts led to several convictions. The author died in 2009, but not before he was able to tell his story in his own words.
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