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Title: Flying High: FBI vs. The Mob
Author: Jim Healy

ISBN: 0990495205
Published Date: 2014-08-16

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The New York Mafia is frantic. They are sending two bumbling hit men, Loose Louie Milano and Sulfur Sal Rinalti to the mountains of California to locate and kill Kerry Vita, a Greenwich Village band singer, who has possession of the mobs payoff records. Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Del Dickerson accidentally parachutes into a grove of trees near Vita's mountain cabin. She rescues him and treats his broken leg while the NY hit men, as well as a second team of killers from Reno, Nevada race towards the site. At the same time, the FBI prepares to send a rescue team, which includes SA Dickerson's fiance, SA Anne Chen. The plot twists and turns into an explosive climax and Special Agent Dickerson saves the day.
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