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Title: Terror on the Border-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller
Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.

ISBN: 1494232413
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In El Paso, a female FBI Agent and the married Assistant US Attorney she is working with on a Cartel case, are found slashed to death in his bed. His wife, from a prominent Mexican family, is visiting in Mexico City. The Agent was divorced from a DEA Agent who caught her cheating. Chief Inspector Ben Douglas and his team is in charge of the investigation. Is this a Cartel hit, revenge from the family of a betrayed wife, or spurned husband? Investigation shows that the Agent also had an affair with a Doctoral student from a Mid-East country and when she broke off this affair, he became enraged and slapped her around. When confronted by Douglas, he and his followers declared a jihad and vowed to kill Douglas. He follows Douglas back to Washington and there's a final confrontation at Douglas' residence.
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