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Title: Air Force 2 is Down - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller
Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.

ISBN: 1492702234
Published Date: 2013-09-15

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AF 2, carrying the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense, is hit by a missile while on it's approach to Andrews Air Force Base. All are killed and Inspector Ben Douglas is placed in charge of this apparent terrorist attack. He learns that the security detail was sent home early and the plane diverted to a sex and gambling club on an island off the Florida coast. Douglas is teamed with a female Secret Service Agent and is working directly for the President. Posing as high rollers, he and the Secret Service Agent spend a weekend on the island and find that the VP and Secretary were there with girls from an escort service. They also determine that the target of the attack was the Secretary of Defense who was resigning to resume control of his mega billion defense conglomerate. His Board of Directors, who were stealing from the company, wanted him gone.
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