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Title: Flamethrower Bandit - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller
Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.

ISBN: 1500549096
Published Date: 2014-07-28

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Billy Blake was an unusual bank robber. He used a flame thrower. After he got his cash, he burned the bank injuring employees and customers. Young Special Agent Ben Douglas and Philadelphia Police Detective Amy King-Bauer hunted Blake down and, in a Bucks county farmhouse, Blake was shot and wounded. Years after being convicted and sent to prison, Blake escaped from a prison hospital and decided to pursue his trade in England. After several bank robberies there using a flamethrower, Scotland Yard asked for assistance from the FBI. Now Inspector Ben Douglas and now Special Agent Amy King-Bauer were sent to London to assist. Blake was incensed when he heard that his two nemesis are in London and vowed to torch them. They finally meet in an abandoned warehouse on the River Thames.
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