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Title: FBI Diaries: Home Grown Terror
Author: Peter Klismet, Jr.

ISBN: 0986422339
Published Date: 2015-05-14

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It was late May, 1998 when FBI Agent Peter Klismet, Jr.'s pager went off. His Supervisor in Denver told him to get to Cortez, Colorado, where Cortez Police Officer Dale Claxton had been shot nearly 30 times after pulling over a truck. Early in the investigation, the police identified three suspects and a massive manhunt ensued. While sightings were reported throughout the area, none of the men were arrested. Over the next decade, police recovered the bodies of the three men. How did they die? Whether it was suicide or the men turned on each other remains up for debate. This book is unique in that Klismet offers the reader an inside look at the investigation process. Often the FBI is credited with solving a case, but, Klismet said, cooperation between several agencies was key in this investigation.
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