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Title: G-Man and the Diamond King - A True FBI Story...
Author: William E. Plunkett

ISBN: 193971026X
Published Date: 2015-05-08

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In the summer of 1935, a nasty career criminal by the name of George Barrett shot to death a young FBI Agent, Nelson Klein, in the town of College Corner. The town straddled the state line and Barrett shot from Indiana and Klein, assigned to the Cincinnati FBI Office, fell dead in Ohio. The case made national headlines since Klein was the first FBI Agent killed in the line of duty; also Barrett, a one-time Kentucky moonshiner who killed his own mother, was the first to be executed for the murder of a government agent under a new federal statute. Barrett's verdict was death by hanging, but Indiana did not use the gallows, so an Illinois gallows was dismantled and re-assembled in Indiana for the execution. This is but one story of the dangerous, but exiting decade of the 30s.
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