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Title: Fugitive Nights
Author: Joseph Wambaugh

ISBN: 0553295780
Published Date: December 1, 1992

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The fugitive is a strange man. He speaks with an accent, is bald and carries a flight bag. His private plane makes an unscheduled landing at a small desert airport and, after a violent encounter with a police officer, he demonstrates that he is a man of the desert, wise in the ways of survival. There are three mismatched people after him. Brenda Burrows is a former cop trying to make a living in Palm Springs as a Private Investigator; Lynn Cutter, a former cop sweating out a disability pension; and Nelson Hareem, known as "Dirty Hareem", an LA Police Officer dreaming about a plush job with the Palm Springs Department. The trail of the fugitive leads the three from desert canyons to the boulevards of Palm Springs, from funeral parlors to swank hotels to celebrity golf tournaments. Joseph Wambaugh, former LA Police Detective, has his master storytelling talents on display.
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